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midSUFFOLK croquet, Thurston

We welcome all those wanting to try croquet, and those who already play. After viewing our facilities, and hearing about our aims, we hope that members will join the club for years to come. See the map for location.

Become a member (see membership form, or make contact).
Play as a guest (of a member).
Play as a corporate group (contact the Committee)

Croquet is an inclusive amateur sport. Reasons to take up croquet are:

  1. Make lots of new friends & meet existing friends. The game is played in many towns & villages and you are welcome at all other clubs. 
  2. A non-contact sport for anyone, male or female, from age 10 to 90; & all the family.
  3. The game challenges the mind.
  4. Lots of satisfaction from doing the best you can.
  5. The vast majority of croquet players are warm friendly people.
  6. It's a game of skill and strategy rather than brute strength.
  7. You can play at any level from purely social to highly competitive - and be warmly welcomed at clubs.
  8. You have the opportunity to play in local tournaments.
  9. Once you're a club member you can play as often or as little as you like - provided the lawns aren't being mown or out of action for repair/maintenance.
  10. You can choose from any of the many forms of the game - e.g. 'Association' croquet, 'Golf' croquet, or 10-10 (fast golf croquet), one-ball, pirates etc.
  11. As a sport/hobby, croquet is a cheap pastime.
  12. Weekend and evening play is available for those who work or at school/college
  13. An ideal new pastime/sport for the newly retired
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Find us in Thurston, Suffolk (postcode IP31 3TG)

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